21 Mar 2012

Fiji taxi boss on leave of absence after skirt comments

8:25 pm on 21 March 2012

The general secretary of the Fiji Taxi Association is on leave of absence following the outcry over his suggestion that taxi drivers won't harrass women if they stop wearing short skirts.

Earlier this week Rishi Ram was standing by his comments but an association trustee, Abhay Nand, says at a meeting today, Mr Ram was very apologetic for what he'd said.

Mr Nand says Mr Ram will return to his role in a month and in the meantime, the association will issue a formal public apology through local newspapers.

"To all the females and all those concerned about the statement he made, and also Rishi mentioned that that was his personal view, whatever he said, and not the view of the association at all."

Abhay Nand says the association is going to draw up some regulations for dealing with the media and is also considering recruiting a media officer.