26 Mar 2012

Samoa village opposed to new hospital on its land

3:41 pm on 26 March 2012

The Samoa government's plan to build a district hospital in Satapuala, across from Faleolo International Airport is opposed by the Satapuala Village Council.

Village Mayor, Ga Sakaria, has told the Samoa Observer the village is unanimous in its opposition to the project.

He says its not that they oppose the government but the land is for future generations of Satapuala.

The government has announced that the US Government, under its Pacific Command Humanitarian assistance programme has offered help to build the hospital.

But Ga said they will stop any project that will affect lands God gave for Satapuala.

He says the government should know that if they proceed with the hospital project, something will happen, but the paper reports he did not explain what he meant by this comment.

The mayor says the village plans to build houses near the airport.