3 Apr 2012

Forecast only gives little reprieve for Fiji

10:37 am on 3 April 2012

The Fiji Met Service says heavy rain and strong winds are expected to continue today although the country missed the brunt of Tropical Cyclone Daphne.

Met Service spokesperson Rajneel Prasad says the cyclone didn't move as close to Fiji as had been expected, sparing it from most of the gale force winds, although an associated trough still brought heavy rain.

He says severe flood warnings remain in place for major rivers and low lying areas of Viti Levu, and a strong wind warning for the whole Fiji group remains in force.

Mr Prasad says the only reprieve is that heavy rain will be less persisent today.

"For most parts of Fiji we expect rain and thunderstorms to continue likewise strong winds to continue not much changes to what we have been experiencing so far but definitely heavy rain is not as continuous as past few days."