5 Apr 2012

Fiji people never hit by flooding lose everything

5:08 pm on 5 April 2012

A business owner in in Fiji's flood-ravaged Western Division says some families who have never been affected by previous floods have lost everything in the latest disaster.

The authorities say it's too early to put a figure to the damage but the destruction is worse than that caused by flooding in the same areas in January.

The Sigatoka business owner who wishes to remain anonymous says friends in nearby Cuvu didn't evacuate their home.

"I went to pick up my friends and some families to bring them to my house. They've lost everything, it's very bad; they could not save anything. And the thing is, the warning, I don't think there was much warning to that area and the flood even never came to that area, as I was talking to them"

The Sigatoka business owner says people in Cuvu have lost 90 percent of their belongings.