6 Apr 2012

French Polynesia's Sandra Levy-Agami runs for French assembly seat

3:02 pm on 6 April 2012

An independent member of the French Polynesian assembly, Sandra Levy-Agami, has announced that she will be running for one the territory's three seats in the French national assembly.

Ms Levy-Agami says she will contest the election in June because the position is key in obtaining the means to develop the territory.

She says the land ownership problems need to be addressed, with solutions to be found as in Corsica and New Zealand.

Ms Levy-Agami says for the past 30 years the territorial government has had to buy land for social housing to accommodate people who are owners of land that hasn't been divided.

French Polynesia has currently just two assembly seats which are being held by Michel Buillard and Bruno Sandras.

Both stood as candidates for the Tahoeraa Huiraatira but have since quit the party.