6 Apr 2012

PNG opposition says election deferral is abuse of constitution

3:03 pm on 6 April 2012

Papua New Guinea's Opposition Leader, Dame Carol Kidu, says the government's actions in deferring the June elections by six months are an abuse of the constitution.

She says the Peter O'Neill government's report to parliament on the election preparations did not come from the Electoral Office, despite attempts to present it as if it had.

Dame Carol, who is the only woman in parliament, says the past week has been a black week in PNG's history that the country will live to regret.

She says with the Judicial Conduct Act implemented and two senior judges referred to Tribunals by Parliament and now the deferral of elections for six months, one wonders what will come next.

Dame Carol says there is a limit to the tolerance of the people of PNG and she thinks the country is getting very close to that limit.

But how it will evolve is hard to predict, she says, as PNG is a very fractured society of over 800 tribes held together by the constitution.

Dame Carol says without the constitution as supreme PNG is in danger of becoming a dictatorship or disintegrating into anarchy ruled by warlords.