12 Apr 2012

PNG activist says Somare supporters hijacked rally

4:47 am on 12 April 2012

A Papua New Guinea NGO activist has accused groups loyal to the former Somare government of hijacking Tuesday's large public rally against the deferral of elections and the Judicial Conduct law.

A mass gathering of between five and ten thousand people, including University students, NGOs and union groups, converged on Sir John Guise stadium in Port Moresby to present petitions to the government.

Noel Anjo of PNG's Coalition of Civil Society Organisations says he had originally planned the rally to be on Thursday but that the plan got hijacked by groups with a political agenda.

"The coalition partner NGOs were not allowed to have a look at the content of the petition and we were not even allowed to sign on the petition. The few people who signed on the petition (included) the Trade Union Congress Secretary General, the President and groups that are aligned to the former regime."

Meanwhile, Noel Anjo says he is satisfied that the government is not going to defer elections.

He remains against the Judicial Conduct Law even though he believes that the current Chief Justice should be removed from office for abuse of office.