16 Apr 2012

Major resort in Samoa cuts down imported food

5:51 am on 16 April 2012

A resort in Samoa is reducing imported food from its restaurant menu to heighten visitors' experience of the country.

Sinalei Resort has stopped purchasing imported goods such as potatoes, carrots and broccoli, though it is still relying on garlic and onions from overseas.

The resort's manager, Sharon Greene, says people visit countries partly to sample the local foods so she hopes their guests can have a taste of Samoa instead of being offered food from their own country.

"My philosophy is if you want to taste Samoa they only way to do that is to literally taste the products that we actually have in the country. So over a period of time we started eliminating products from New Zealand. for example the potatoes. Because it's such a staple ingredient in menus, we've got taro, we've got arrowroot and breadfruit."

Sharon Greene says a greater reliance on locally grown produce can help farmers and boost economic sustainability.