16 Apr 2012

Fiji floods displace entire village

12:58 pm on 16 April 2012

Fiji's Methodist church says this month's floods on the main island of Viti Levu have displaced entire villages and settlements.

Thousands of people fled to evacuation centres during devastating flooding that killed six people and government officials say churches and community halls are still housing more than one thousand evacuees.

The church's executive officer of administration toured the Western Division last week and estimates a further one thousand people are being billeted.

Patiliai Leqa says each family in the village of Nabau is accommodating two to three households from Semo village.

"I was told there are about 200 people involved in that whole village. They are not very big houses and as I said, resources are stretched at the moment."

Patiliai Leqa says the displaced families will not be able to return to their badly damaged homes because they are beside a river.

He says he expects they will be displaced for up to four months.