19 Apr 2012

US gives water making units to Marshalls

7:03 pm on 19 April 2012

The US government has delivered five water-making units to the Marshall Islands government.

Two of the units have gone into immediate use on distant Wotho Atoll, which is suffering from a drought.

USAID's Bart Deemer, who is based at the US Embassy in Majuro, says the five units are a pilot project to see how they work and if it is appropriate technology for remote areas.

The project involved training for Majuro Water and Sewer Company workers in the use and maintenance of the equipment late last week.

The USAID donation is valued at about 60,000 US dollars.

Water and renewable energy expert Tom Vance, who set up solar and wind powered reverse osmosis water making system on Utrik Atoll more than a year ago, will be assisting in the set up at Wotho.

He says all the inhabited atolls and islands of the Marshalls will eventually have water makers.