23 Apr 2012

PNA outraged by claims it's not free from dolphins in by-catch

8:08 am on 23 April 2012

The Chairman of the Parties to the Nauru agreement has described a message by Earth Island Institute to its consumers as a pack of rubbish and lies.

Earth Island Institute, which monitors tuna companies around the world has issued an alert saying the PNA initiative Pacifical is not part of the institute's programme to eliminate dolphins from its by-catch.

It has warned consumers not to consider Pacifical to be what it calls 'dolphin safe'.

The Chairman of PNA Sylvester Pokajam says Earth Island Institute has no basis for its claim and wants it to stop what he describes as rubbish, propaganda and lies.

"We have a wide range of areas of measures we have put in place to conserve and to manage and to harvest these resources sustainably. And we have some of the best measures in the world today, we have. We don't understand where Earth Island Institute is coming from."

Sylvester Pokajam says he believes Earth Island Institute should have confidence in PNA providing sustainable tuna that does not harm dolphins.