23 Apr 2012

Earth Island Institute stands by warning against Pacifical tuna

10:42 am on 23 April 2012

The Earth Island Institute which monitors tuna companies around the world is standing by its message to consumers not to trade with the tuna supplier, Pacifical.

The Institute says Pacifical, which is an initiative by the Parties of the Nauru Agreement, is not part of the Institute's programme to eliminate dolphins from their by-catch.

Earth Island's Associate Director for the international marine mammal project, Mark Palmer says the supplier of Pacifical is involved with providing tuna to a Colombian company that chases and nets dolphins to catch tuna which swim beneath them.

"So it's a dolphin deadly company associated with Pacifical. And they won't sign a policy with us to allow our monitors to go in an check the canneries and things. So we had to warn our consumers and our tuna companies, co-operating tuna companies not to do business with them."

Mark Palmer says even if Pacifical has high standards for its fishing practices, he says it can not be credited as dolphin safe without signing up to Earth Island's policy.