24 Apr 2012

Poor PNG water standards still a concern

7:22 am on 24 April 2012

A community worker in Papua New Guinea says water standards remain appalling in much of Western Province despite official promises to improve this area of public service.

Jamie Namorong is trying to raise awareness about the dire state of health and other public services in Western Province.

Around three hundred people in the Province died in a cholera outbreak in 2010.

Most of the victims were from South Fly district where Jamie Namorong has recently toured.

He says Health facilities are more dillapidated than ever with a shortage of trained staff, while water standards are also languishing.

"Water standards in Daru are still the same. People drink from the water well and it's really terrible. Water and sanitation are a very big problem on the island. Even further in the bush, in the Hinterland of South Fly, when it's the dry season you see all the place, animals drinking from the same water wells up there and water comes out to be brown."