24 Apr 2012

Fiji pension fund says all cleared paid this morning

2:01 pm on 24 April 2012

The Fiji National Provident Fund says all remaining pensioners who have been cleared under a new scheme have been paid this morning.

There has been anger and queues at FNPF offices due to delays in paying out the 56 million US dollars in retirees' funds.

Sally Round reports.

"Under a new decree, all those with money in the fund had to re-apply for pensions or a lump sum payout. The FNPF's CEO, Aisake Taito, says the only pensioners who will not have received a payout by this morning are those with queries hanging over their files. The delays are due to what he calls internal and external problems like invalid bank accounts and staff are working round the clock to process applications by hand. There's been concern the delays have added pressure on elderly struggling with increasing costs and flood damage. Mr Taito says officers have been visiting flood-stricken members helping them to apply for special assistance."