25 Apr 2012

Rescued members of a Taiwanese vessel off Guam return home

8:27 am on 25 April 2012

Nine crew members of a Taiwanese-flagged tuna longliner were rescued by a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo vessel after a fire broke out aboard their boat.

The Taiwanese vessel was off Guam on Saturday when the fire broke out, prompting all nine crew members to abandon ship.

The crew of the "Hsin Man Chun," registered in Pingtung, were rescued later by the Tungkang fishing boat, who had been being alerted by US authorities.

The cargo ship is scheduled to arrive in the Chinese city of Qingdao today, from where the rescued crew will return to Taiwan, according to the report.

The 60-point-56-ton deep-sea longline fishing vessel sailed for Guam in January to fish for tuna and swordfish.