25 Apr 2012

Vanuatu's Regenvanu hopeful of October election

1:06 pm on 25 April 2012

A Vanuatu MP Ralph Regenvanu says he is hopeful the government intends to go ahead with October the 30th as the election date.

This follows confusion in Vanuatu after revelations that correct processes for setting the date had not been followed.

The country is still waiting for the date to be officially gazetted by the President.

Mr Regenvanu, who was sacked from the cabinet of Prime Minister Sato Kilman in January, asked for clarification in parliament last week.

"From what he said in Parliament which was broadcast on national radio, we gather that there will be nothing untoward and the election dates will go ahead as planned."

Mr Regenvanu says he is going ahead with awareness-raising about his Graon mo Jastis party which will contest elections for the first time.