26 Apr 2012

UNDP extends self employment scheme for youth to Tonga

7:20 pm on 26 April 2012

A United Nations Development Programme scheme to help Pacific countries take a new approach to youth unemployment is about to launched in Tonga.

The UNDP is assisting the states to achieve the Millennium Development Goal on empowering youth and earlier this week started its Young Entrepreneurship Solutions plan in Palau.

UNDP official Asif Chida is now in Tonga to launch the same programme there.

He says up to 50 students preparing to finish high school will take part in a programme that aims to foster an entrepreneurial mindset.


What has been happening is once they leave school their only option, or two options to think about are to go for higher education or employment, and employment either blue collar or white collar, but both public sector and private sector do not have job opportunities, so we intend to create the third option which is self employment.