27 Apr 2012

Tonga's hosting of Pacific Games would enchance democracy

10:21 am on 27 April 2012

Tonga's Prime Minister says hosting the 2019 Pacific Games would consolidate the gains in establishing a full democracy in the country.

Tonga and Tahiti have made bids to host the 16th edition of the Games and the pacific games council will make a decision in mid October.

In Tonga's bid document, released yesterday, Lord Tu'ivakano says Tonga has realised many goals in his election as the first Prime Minister of the first government of the people and gains in creating a full democracy will be enhanced by staging the 2019 PacificGames

The Pacific Games council says Tahiti has also made a bid to host the 16th edition of the Pacific Games.

The Council will decide the host at its AGM in Wallis and Futuna in mid October.

Tonga, who failed in their bid to host the 2015 Games, submitted their bid document with the title "Our people Our Games" and is offering to host 12 compulsory sports and 16 additional sports.