2 May 2012

Fiji self-censorship continues despite end of emergency rule

4:44 pm on 2 May 2012

A UN representative says despite removing of Public Emergency Regulations in Fiji, self-censorship within the media appears to be continuing.

May the 3rd marks World Press Freedom Day.

The regional representative for the Pacific for the United Nations office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is Matilda Bogner.

She says there is an element of self-censorship across the Pacific region, and in Fiji this is more explicit because the country has just come out of a period of official censorship.

Matilda Bogner says initial research shows there remains very little reporting of critical voices in Fiji.

"And that is a concern, it does appear to show that self-censorship is continuing, there is a culture of self-censorship in Fiji. It's particularly a concern in the lead-up to elections, in the lead-up to the constitution making process, where people need to feel free to express their opinions and to participate in those processes."

UN representative for the Pacific, Matilda Bogner.