22 May 2012

Calls in Vanuatu for changes in management of prisons

4:43 am on 22 May 2012

Women in Vanuatu have called for changes in the management of prisons.

The chair of Woman Against Crime, Jenny Ligo, says the frequent escapes of high risk prisoners shows civilians cannot run the prison.

Six dangerous prisoners are presently on the loose with police saying they could be behind the murders at the weekend of an expatriate couple.

It has also been revealed that the residences of 63 foreigners, including the Australian High Commissioner, have been robbed in the past two months.

Break-ins at the homes of ni-Vanuatu are also up.

Ms Ligo has asked Prime Minister Sato Kilman to improve security and the rule in orders throughout the country.

She also wants a review of donor aid to Vanuatu to ensure that the assistance is aimed at stopping young people embracing lawlessness.

The New Zealand government is willing is help rebuild the prison but the Vanuatu government wants a new facility built.