24 May 2012

American Samoa lawyer keen for territory to vote for U.S President

4:49 am on 24 May 2012

When he attends the annual meeting of the American Bar Association in August, American Samoa lawyer, Charles Alailima, will be seeking support for the territory to be given electoral votes to cast ballots for the U.S. President.

He pointed to the situation in the District of Columbia, which is not a state but gets three electoral college votes for the presidency.

Alailima says his request would require a change to the U.S. Constitution and he would be seeking the support of the American Bar Association to push for this right.

"If the future of American Samoa is to be permanently, fully and totally incorporated into the United States of America then that is one aspect of citizenship that might be granted down here but it has to be done by a constitutional amendment to give electoral votes to the territories."