28 May 2012

Victoria University to open historian's archive to mark Samoa's 50th anniversary

7:21 pm on 28 May 2012

A Wellington historian's research papers on the decolonisation of Samoa will be a key feature when Victoria University marks Samoa's 50th anniversary of independence.

The institute is hosting a string of events this week marking Samoan Language Week and the anniversary of independence on Friday.

A Special Collections Librarian from Victoria University, Sue Hirst, says archives of the late historian Mary Boyd's research on Samoa will be exhibited.

"It's a really nice thing to be able to have something here that gives people a focal point here in Wellington. And sort of deals with the background to Samoan Independence. It's not a sugar-coated exhibition. There's the real history behind how Samoa got to be independent."

Sue Hirst from Victoria University in Wellington.