30 May 2012

Opposition MP in Samoa calls on NZ and Samoa to return lands

10:42 am on 30 May 2012

An opposition MP in Samoa is calling on New Zealand to acknowledge the 70 years of hardship Satapuala and Satuimalufilufi villages suffered when their lands were taken for the international airport.

Toesulusulu Cedric Schuster says the New Zealand government should take adequate actions to address the issue.

He is seeking public support for the Samoa government to return all lands taken during the German era as part of Samoa's 50 years of independence celebrations.

Toesulusulu says a submission is being prepared to present to the New Zealand parliament calling for compensation of Satapuala lands taken during the New Zealand administration for the airport.

He also says the village council will appeal against a recent court ruling on his village's land claim.

Meanwhile the opposition MP says the German government should also acknowledge some of the corrupt practices taken by companies who took Samoan lands for plantations in the late 1800's.

The US government he says should also acknowledge its part in the taking of lands and the behavior of its soldiers during its occupation of Satapuala village.