30 May 2012

PNG political machinations viewed as waste of time

5:21 pm on 30 May 2012

People in Papua New Guinea are describing the political machinations that resulted in today's parliamentary election of Peter O'Neill as prime minister as a waste of time.

Peter O'Neill stood unopposed and won 56 votes in today's extraordinary sitting of parliament in Port Moresby.

The election was called after the deputy speaker accepted last week's Supreme Court judgment upholding an earlier ruling that Sir Michael Somare was illegally removed as the country's prime minister last August.

The speaker then disqualified Sir Michael as a member of parliament for missing three consecutive sittings this year.

Our correspondent in PNG, Titi Gabi, says people are fed up with the situation.

"Papua New Guineans are saying this is just a total waste of time, it's illegal and stuff like that and they maintain that stand. It's just a big joke now. And all we can do or all the public can do is just laugh and say get real."

Titi Gabi says it's not clear what will happen with the judges charged with sedition now the O'Neill administration has endorsed the ruling that prompted the charges.