31 May 2012

Crewman killed on purse seiner off Marshall Islands

7:14 pm on 31 May 2012

A crew member has died on an American Samoa based purse seiner, the Ocean Challenger, after being overcome by ammonia fumes.

The purse seiner was 1 day out from the Marshall Islands when the fatality occurred.

The local Coast Guard Office reports that two crew members entered a fish hold on the vessel, were overcome by fumes and passed out.

Two others went in to rescue them and they too passed out.

The boat engineer wearing fire fighting equipment then entered the hold and brought out the four crew members.

CPR was applied for about 30 minutes and three were revived but the fourth, from Vietnam, died.

The vessel has now returned to the Marshall Islands while the US Coast Guard in Guam is to conduct an investigation.

The Ocean Challenger is a relativel new purse seiner, built in 2008,