4 Jun 2012

Former PNG defence chief raises concerns at MPs using military for own ends

3:34 pm on 4 June 2012

A former Commander of Papua New Guinea's Defence Force says that the country risks becoming a dictatorship if political power remains unchecked.

General Jerry Singirok is contesting the Madang Sumkar open seat under the Pangu Pati banner in the coming general election.

General Singirok, who narrowly missed winning the seat in the last election, believes the ongoing political crisis in PNG underlines the country's critical need for leaders who respect and uphold laws.

He has expressed concern about MPs gaining control of the armed forces.

"As former commander, I've never sent any of my soldiers in uniform, armed with weapons, into the courthouse to put the Chief Justice under duress and under arrest. Now that's unheard of. Those are the signs and symptoms of a desperate member of parliament who wants access to power."

General Jerry Singirok