5 Jun 2012

New Caledonia journalists join French media protest

1:15 pm on 5 June 2012

Journalists in New Caledonia have held a walk-out in solidarity with French journalists on strike at the Hersant media group.

The journalists organisation in Noumea says it shares the disquiet of its colleagues in France over Hersant's move to work with the Rossel group in Belgium.

The Hersant group employs 240 people in New Caledonia, including its only daily newspaper and at printing shops.

For months, there have been rumours that the paper is about to be sold to a local wholesaler and a car distributor.

The journalists group has said it won't accept a return to previous arrangements, pointing to the closeness of business and politics in Noumea.

They have also warned that the sale would come at a significant juncture with the expiry of the Noumea Accord and the possible independence referendum.