7 Jun 2012

PNG's state university in dire state says former lecturer

1:16 pm on 7 June 2012

A former lecturer at the University of Papua New Guinea says the institution is in a parlous condition and its graduates aren't qualified to meet the country's development challenges.

A 2010 review of PNG's universities concluded that good development outcomes require the preparation of a new generation of Papua New Guineans for a wide range of complex and demanding leadership roles.

Dr Sam MacWilliam taught at the university in the 1980s and again in 2010.

He says it has been run down dramatically over that time and that's especially noticeable in the library, which used to struggle to spend the money it was allocated.

"This time the library is an absolute shambles, it has not much in the way of books after the mid-90s, although they have some funds to buy new books, there is no security and anything new that is put on the shelves is stolen very quickly."

Dr Sam MacWilliam says the university still has three major resources: its students, staff and land worth almost 500,000 US dollars.