7 Jun 2012

Fiji women want parties to improve women representation

1:47 pm on 7 June 2012

The Fiji Women's Forum says it wants political parties to make concrete proposals on how they will ensure improved representation for women.

Giving women a greater say in the political process is one of the core issues of the Forum which concluded its second summit this week.

One of the organising groups was Femlink Pacific and its spokeswoman, Sharon Bagwan-Rolls, says the 62 women leaders at the meeting also agreed they need to be more pro-active in ensuring they are involved in the political reform process.

She says they have had initial discussions with several political parties.

"What we are hearing is yes we want women to be part of this, you know we acknowledge women's roles, but one of the women's leaders has said we want the rhetoric and the sweet talk to change into some tangible action. So we are going to do a lot more work around Temporary Special Measures, we are going to learn from the rest of the Pacific Island region and we are going to be very pro-active when it comes to defining the electoral system and better understanding what will work for us."