8 Jun 2012

Sixth shooting death in Papua this week

7:53 am on 8 June 2012

Another resident in the capital of the Indonesian province of Papua, Jayapura, has reportedly been shot dead with police blamed by the victim's family.

The Jakarta Post says the latest death comes after a civil servant was gunned down on Wednesday night by an unknown assailant.

Earlier this week four people were also wounded in shooting attacks.

Family members of the latest victim, Teyu Tabuni, say he had been playing cards and dominoes with friends when a police officer started chasing him and shooting at him.

But Jayapura Police have denied they are responsible for the death.

The Jayapura Police chief, Alfred Papare, says that Mr Tabuni's death was due to head injuries he sustained from falling down when he was trying to escape from police who intended arresthim him.