8 Jun 2012

Talks in Papua to defuse tension following military rampage

2:52 pm on 8 June 2012

A human rights activist in Indonesia's Papua says negotiations are underway between security forces and the local government in Wamena to resolve the violence which broke out there on Wednesday.

Septer Manufandu of the Papua NGO Cooperation Forum says at least one person has been killed by soldiers on a rampage in Wamena.

The military mobilised an entire troop battalion around the town after two soldiers were attacked, one fatally, in retaliation for an incident on Wednesday

Septer Manufandu says local authorities have been meeting with both the military and police command to forge a reconciliation.

"They already sit together and then they talking about the situation in Wamena. And then they have a recommendation: one recommendation important is that they need to find a solution about who is the people who killed the army and also, the army, who killed the one person from the people."

Septer Manufandu