11 Jun 2012

Majority of Muri residents sign up for new Cooks waste scheme

6:07 am on 11 June 2012

The Cook Islands ministry reponsible for implementing a new waste treatment system in the Muri-Avana area of the main island is welcoming the response from residents.

75 percent of the residential property owners in the area, a prime spot for tourists on Rarotonga, have now signed up to receive an upgraded sanitation system provided under the aid-funded Waste Management Initiative.

Those signing up to the scheme are required to make a 763 US dollar contribution towards the cost of the upgrade but payment options are available.

The Ministry of Infrastucture and Development's secretary, Donye Numa, says she appreciates that the economic climate is tough.

"We didn't want to be sort of saying well, you need to comply but in the end you are getting an asset, we're paying at least 90 percent of that asset, so it's a win-win for all. But I think there is an expectation and we're pleased all along that people did make some sort of contribution to their system so it's exciting to see that percentage that have signed up so far."

Donye Numa says it is hoped the upgrade work will be finished, at the latest, by early next year.