12 Jun 2012

Vanuatu's foreign minister believes AFP will return

9:21 am on 12 June 2012

Vanuatu's foreign minister says he believes the Australian Federal police will return to the country, but he cannot confirm when.

In May, the government ordered the AFP out of Vanuatu for Canberra's alleged breach of protocol during the Prime Minister Sato Kilman's transit in Sydney.

When Mr Kilman was in Sydney, one of his advisors, Clarence Marae, was arrested for an alleged tax offence.

Alfred Carlot says members of the government have met Australian representatives, with the Prime Minister, Sato Kilman, holding talks with the Australian parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs, Richard Marles.

"I attended the contact group that went to Fiji. I was amongst [Murray] McCully and Bob Carr. And then again, in RAMSI, I met with [Richard] Marles. I think things are going back to normal. Yes, I am sure they'll come back."

Vanuatu's foreign minister, Alfred Carlot