12 Jun 2012

Papuans fearful of more Indonesian military operations, says AWPA

10:29 am on 12 June 2012

The Australia West Papua Association says signals that the Indonesian military is planning more operations around the Papua provincial capital are causing fear among residents.

In the wake of increased violence in Papua, the Association has renewed it call for Australia's government to press Indonesia to rein in the military in the territory.

This comes after a violent rampage by Indonesian soldiers in Wamena last week, with reports saying they killed up to 17 locals and destroyed dozens of homes.

And the Association's Joe Collins says there's reason to believe some of the recent shootings in Jayapura are military-directed.

"The real concern is that the security forces personnel are lately stating that they want to conduct military operations around Jayapura, and we all know what happens when the Indonesian military conduct operations: houses get burnt, livestock gets killed, gardens destroyed and people literally run into the jungle and they're afraid to come back, sometimes they face starvation - that's how bad it gets."

Joe Collins.