12 Jun 2012

Nauru constitutional reforms possibly imminent

3:08 pm on 12 June 2012

Nauru's President Sprent Dabwido is hopeful that his re-organised government will be able to pass constitutional reforms as early as today.

On Tuesday Mr Dabwido dumped his Cabinet saying he couldn't work with it as he strove to push through reforms aimed at bringing political stability to Nauru.

He has brought back much of the government he had manouevred out of power seven months ago and says he believes it will now support the legislation and that some other MPs will also back it to give the two thirds majority needed.

"I have a lot of hope that it will be passed today. Confidence? I am not 100 percent confident but I can say I am more confident this time than the middle of last year when we were putting the bill in twice and there was no confidence at the time, very little hope. This time around, after working with these people, after getting to know them for the past 7 months, there is more hope."

Nauru President Sprent Dabwido.

The constitutional reforms include an additional MP to take numbers to 19; the Speaker selected from outside Parliament; a code of ethics for MPs; an Ombudsman Commission and the strengthening of the Audit Department.