14 Jun 2012

Call for youth reproductive health clinics in rural Vanuatu

1:38 pm on 14 June 2012

A peer educator with the Vanuatu non-governmental organisation Wan Smolbag Theatre says young people in rural areas lack access to services that would help them with their reproductive health.

The Port Vila-based theatre company uses drama to raise community awareness of health issues such as HIV and teen pregnancy and Frank Gideon says people always flock to performances.

He says Wan Smolbag does go on tour but travel to the outer islands is expensive.

"Peer education is a powerful tool, using the communties to give awareness, so I think our government should support us and also develop some other reproductive health clinics in some of the islands where young people can access similar services as we do in Port Vila."

Frank Gideon says people are always keen to take part in the discussions that follow Wan Smolbag performances.