14 Jun 2012

Joint ACP EU session opens in Vanuatu

1:45 pm on 14 June 2012

The joint session of the ACP EU council of ministers has been officially opened in Port Vila.

Representatives from the European Union, and African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries will meet over the next two days.

Megan Whelan is in Port Vila.

"Delegates arrived at Independence Park to be greeted by hundreds of screaming school children. Over the next two days they'll discuss issues of trade, development, and sustainability and climate change. The Vanuatu prime minister says the meeting is an historic moment for Vanuatu. He says it symbolises the achievements and challenges of the struggle for Vanuatu's independence. He says the meeting brings timely opportunities for Pacific nations to fully contribute to ACP discussions. Mr Sato Kilman says the joint ACP EU council of ministers should take heed of the strong call by Pacific ministers for the European Commission to do more to conclude a Pacific Economic partnership agreement."