18 Jun 2012

Niue tourism industry targeting niche markets

5:11 am on 18 June 2012

Tourism officials in Niue say niche markets are being targeted to attract more visitors to the island.

Niue has recently attracted large groups of tourists from New Zealand for the Rally of the Rock annual bike race around the island and a fishing contest and will be hosting a string of other events this year.

The Niue Tourism Development Manager, Hayden Porter says targeting visitors from niche markets during low seasons is proving to be successful and says he hopes Niue will see a 50 to 60 percent increase in visitor numbers in June.

"You've got to ensure that where there isn't normal demand because of weather or timing or whatever it is that we stimulate it through niche markets, i.e. the bike crowd, the triathlon crowds, the anglers."

Hayden Porter says Niue Tourism will aim to re-invite pop star Lady Gaga to perform to the whole nation after failing to get a response in its first bid earlier this year.