18 Jun 2012

Fiji March flood described as one of worst in Ba history

10:44 am on 18 June 2012

Leaders in the Fiji town of Ba say the flood in March was one of the worst the town has experienced.

An assessment report on the floods in January and March by students from the University of Fiji showed businesses in Ba and Nadi were worst affected, with many employers and workers without income for a number of weeks.

The special administrator for Ba/Tavua Town Council, Arun Prasad, says the March flood was one of worst in history in Ba, with flood waters more than a metre higher than those in the January flood.

"As far as businesses were concerned, we had a major loss of over ten million dollars -that is in goods and all for the business houses alone in Ba town. And most of the businesses after a month's time they have revived and they have come back and started operating. But that does not mean that these businesses have recovered their loss."

Arun Prasad says Ba is recovering, with new roads and bridges being constructed.