19 Jun 2012

Vanuatu police recapture prisoner suspected of killing Dutch couple

1:35 pm on 19 June 2012

The police in Vanuatu say they believe an escaped prisoner who has been recaptured was behind the murder of two foreigners living on Efate.

Seven high-risk prisoners were on the run when there were a number of burglaries, an assault on an English man and the killing of a Dutch couple.

The acting police commissioner, Arthur Caulton, says four of the prisoners have now been recaptured, with the latest being brought in by his family over the weekend.

He says they have identified one of the recaptured escapees who they believe was behind the attacks and burglaries, but no charges have been laid yet.

"We have certainly identified a person to that assault and the double murder case and as I said earlier we will continue to progress on those issues."

Arthur Caulton says three escaped prisoners are still wanted.