19 Jun 2012

Acting Vanuatu police chief says suspended commissioner can go to court

5:03 pm on 19 June 2012

The acting Police Commissioner in Vanuatu says he has no intention to hold onto the Police Commissioner's job.

The Commissioner Joshua Bong has been suspended just days after a Supreme Court ruling found he should resume his job as the head of police.

Mr Bong says he attempted to resume his position but the acting commissioner Arthur Caulton, refused to step aside.

Mr Bong then filed a police complaint against Mr Caulton and the head of the Police Service Commission, claiming they were inciting mutiny.

Mr Caulton says he didn't let the Commissioner return to his job because he was still carrying out his acting appointment.

"It was not my intention to be holding onto the position. It was not my position and I have no indication or whatsoever to hold on to the position. He is still the Police Commissioner. He is on suspension and he is still the Police Commissioner."

Arthur Caulton says Mr Bong can take his complaint to court if he wishes to do so.