22 Jun 2012

American Samoa hospital fee hike now in July

2:45 pm on 22 June 2012

The LBJ Hospital in American Samoa is now set to increase hospital rates and fees early next month.

The chief executive Mike Gerstenberger has announced that, after considering public comments, the board has approved rate increases to go into effect on Monday July the 2nd.

The rates were originally scheduled to rise on May the 21st, but the hospital was called on to hold a public hearing to discuss the increases.

Under the changes a visit by residents to most clinics will cost 20 dollars, double the previous charge, while the Emergency Room will charge 30 instead of 10 dollars in daytime and 20 dollars at night.

Lab tests and X-rays will cost 15 and the charge for the ambulance service is 20 plus mileage.

For non-residents a clinic visit will cost 105 dollars with the ER charging them $130.

Some of the projected increases have been reduced with an ultra sound dropping from 70 to 30 dollars while CT scans will be 100 dollars cheaper.