28 Jun 2012

Claim Vanuatu government official eased Indonesians through customs without visas

6:16 pm on 28 June 2012

Vanuatu immigration officials are alleging a representative from the Prime Minister's office forced them to let three Indonesian men into the country without any entry visa.

The border control officers complained to the Daily Post Newspaper saying the Prime Minister's Political Adviser, Richard Kaltongga, intervened at the Immigration Desk at Port Vila International Airport to get the men into the country.

The acting Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Johhny Koanappo, has denied any knowledge of their arrival.

Our correspondent, Len Garae says Mr Kaltongga has now confirmed the men have been issued visas.

"It is not normal, because no one is above the law, and the law is for everyone. In this case, the border control officers were concerned that now they have been made to allow three Indonesians to enter the country illegally, then it has caused a precedent."

Len Garae says the Prime Minister, Sato Kilman, has only just arrived back in the country and has not been available to comment.