2 Jul 2012

Solomons film aimed at combatting ethnic prejudice

12:15 pm on 2 July 2012

The Malaitan maker of a short film that is premiering at the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts underway in the Solomon Islands capital says he hopes it will help dispel mistrust of his people.

The removal of Malaitans from land they owned in Guadalcanal at the turn of the century resulted in the ethnic tensions and the deployment of a regional intervention force.

Adilah Dolaiano, who is of the Toa'baita people, says those from other parts of the country can still display prejudice against Malaitans but he is hoping his film Ngali - Nut of Life will provide some insight into his culture.

"They look at us as if we're criminals or militants or something like that. So I try to portray a positive image as part of our culture, something that other people will see as, we're not that bad or worse, we're just normal people."

Adilah Dolaiano says his dream is for Ngali-Nut of Life to make it onto the international short film circuit.