3 Jul 2012

Pitcairn population growth a priority, says Britain

1:48 pm on 3 July 2012

The Governor of Pitcairn says the British government's main priority is to increase the island's population to help develop the economy.

This comes as the government has released a White Paper looking at Britain's overseas territories.

It looks at good governance and financial management in the territories and how to improve the quality and range of support to the territories.

Pitcairn's governor, who is also the British High Commissioner to New Zealand, Vicky Treadell, says for the island to have a sustainable future, it needs to be re-populated.

"Of course to achieve that, you need economic development, because people need a reason to go there. They need to see opportunities. So working with the Island Council and the community on Pitcairn, is to look at how we can develop tourism as a key offer and revenue generator for the Island."

Vicky Treadell says they are also working with Islanders who have businesses, selling handicrafts and honey, to get them to new markets.