5 Jul 2012

Papua's OPM offers Indonesia conditional ceasefire

11:15 am on 5 July 2012

The Free Papua Movement, the OPM, has announced its readiness to call a ceasefire in the province if the Indonesian government holds an international meeting with the involvement of the United Nations.

The OPM has led a low-level guerrilla war for independene since 1965.

According to the Jakarta Post, an OPM commander Lambert Pekikir has said the OPM will ask the Indonesian government about the status of Papua as a military operation zone.

He says if Indonesia lifts that status, the OPM will call a ceasefire.

Lambert Pekikir says OPM members are not afraid of being apprehended by the police, adding that there will be casualties in any struggle.

The Papua Police chief has pledged to dismantle armed forces threatening the sovereignty of Indonesia, saying there is no place for separatist groups in Papua.

He has asked the media not to give them too much coverage and if they hold a news conference, to invite the police along.