10 Jul 2012

Migrant tax proposed for Solomons capital

4:42 am on 10 July 2012

The city council for Solomon Islands' capital is considering taxing migrants to Honiara as a way of curbing population growth.

New Zealand research presented last year to the Solomon Islands government has suggested the city's population is likely to exceed 500,000 within 50 years.

Honiara's deputy mayor, Eric Tema, says work is one factor behind the influx of people from other provinces but many people also want their children to get a better education.

He says the council cannot afford to provide services to those people.

"There is a levy that we are try to look at it when other provinces come into Honiara, and we are trying to make it in a way to reduce the population with this levy and that anyone who comes from any other provinces as a migration here we have to charge them."

Eric Tema says the charge is only a proposal at this stage but the council is giving it serious consideration.