10 Jul 2012

Guam build-up preparations stalled by delayed master plan

2:24 pm on 10 July 2012

Senators in Guam say a delay in the United States submitting its master plan for the military build-up is stalling overall preparations.

Senator Judith Guthertz, who has been asking the defence department for the master plan since 2008, has tabled a resolution urging the Pentagon to submit it.

"The Senior Policy Advisor for the Senator Guthertz, Dr Richard Wyttenbach-Santos (witten-bark-san-toss) says the build-up cannot proceed until the master plan, to determine the placement of marines, is completed."

He says decision-makers are struggling to agree.

We just consulted with a high ranking member of the Pentagon and he says it's because they really are in a quandary inside the Pentagon on two competing philosophies.

Dr Richard Wyttenbach-Santos the ideas are to either place the 5,000 expected marines in the most logical area or shrink the size of the force to 4,000.