11 Jul 2012

Amid water problems, Nauru trials composting toilets

1:48 pm on 11 July 2012

Nauru is the latest Pacific nation to trial composting toilets as it tackles sanitation issues and water shortages.

Nauru has long been reliant on a water lens underneath the small atoll but a study two years ago showed this had a high level of faecal contamination.

In association with the Pacific Islands Geoscience Commission, SOPAC, and the Australian National University, Nauru's Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment is now working to implement a new national water and sanitation policy.

An official Haseldon Buraman says they see septic tanks and composting toilets as the answers.

"We have inground, a couple of compost toilets inground being used and it seems to be very favourable with the families that are using them. We are trying to promote the use of compost toilets which we believe to be environmentally friendly. It doesn't use any water so it is a possibility that it may address the problem of the faecal contamination of our ground water."