11 Jul 2012

Concern about police treatment of Papuan church leader

6:54 pm on 11 July 2012

Indonesia's National Commission on Human Rights, Komnas HAM, has voiced concern about alleged police harassment of the head of Papua's Baptist church.

Last week, Socrates Sofyan Yoman was pulled over in his car by police and, according to rights groups, subjected to an aggressive interrogation by four officers from the elite Brimob force.

Reverend Sofyan was with his wife and three children.

Komnas HAM's Chairman Ifdhal Kasin says the incident is all too typical of Indonesian police in Papua region.

"Our police in West Papua are not very well prepared to enforce law on the police internally, investigate the member of police who break the law, and no clear action from the command to punish police brutality."

Ifdhal Kasin